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Trainings, Traveling, Yoga: The Trip of my Dreams

I’m grateful for the opportunity to teach yoga every single day. I count my blessings every time someone comes to my class. New faces make me sooo happy;  the opportunity to connect with someone I haven’t yet, maybe even help them find a new way to connect to themselves.

Familiar faces make me smile from ear to ear; my friends, my soul sister or brother on this journey, in this together as a team. They’re back and we’re here together to practice. I truly value each and every person and I’m so grateful for them from the bottom of my heart.

Teaching yoga was never something I initially thought I’d do full time or as a career.  The Universe had different plans for me, I’m sure of it.  Teaching yoga is unlike like teaching anything else.  It’s an opportunity to connect to your students in a very authentic, accepting, human way.  I show up on good days & bad days, and I always leave a class feeling more connected, present and OK with whatever my day looks like. I’m accepted on my good days, and my bad days and THAT IS AMAZING.

Massage therapy is another thing I NEVER SAW COMING. But when my intuition whispered it, I heard my call and haven’t looked back since. I love it. It’s a tremendous gift to help people feel their body in a positive way. Touch is powerful and I cannot believe I’ve been blessed with such an incredible group of clients. You all make my life so vibrant and full of joy, just by putting your trust in me. Trusting that I can help you. Another opportunity for me to connect and work with you. Such a blessing.

This is what makes it sooooo scary to move on. Scary to say, hey, you all are incredible, and I can’t imagine finding people who can even compete with your level of awesomeness, but I’m gonna go anyway? What?!?!?!?

But I have to. I’m so curious about what the world has to offer. I’m so curious to see what I can learn by traveling and stepping out of my oh so accepting, wonderful, love filled comfort zone. That curiosity gets me so excited about all the possibilities. While I don’t know what my life looks like once I’m back from my trip, here’s what I do know:

I’ve just moved to the Tampa area for a few months to stay with my parents. In March, I’m off to Thailand for a few weeks. I’ll have a little time to explore and see the country side.  Then, for one week I’ll be doing an immersion with the INCREDIBLE Tiffany Cruikshank on Yin and Meditation. She’s a huge role model for me and this training is a dream come true. I know almost nothing about Yin and I am quite a novice at meditation, but I know this will blow my world WIDE OPEN. Yin yoga works with the fascia in the body, and anyone who’s been on my table knows I LOVE working with fascia. I can’t wait to see how my yoga and massage styles shift and grow the more I learn.

After Thailand, I’m going to be making my way to India.  First, I’m plan on spending some time in Goa; Goa has been on my vision board for years and I’m so excited to lay eyes on it.  I intend to soak up Indian culture and let myself absorb as much as possible from the immersion in Thailand.  I’ll also be volunteering.  I’ve applied and hope that I’ll be accepted to work with the Mango Tree Trust.  I’m hoping to not only offer a few yoga classes to the children and teachers, but to also offer massage therapy to some of the volunteers who are there for a longer term.  We all know caretakers often struggle with making time to take care of themselves.  I’d like to pamper them a bit if that’s all I can do 🙂 After a few weeks volunteering and soaking up the culture, I’m going to be going to a month long intensive for a 200 Hour Teacher Training. Learning about yoga, as a beginner, from scratch, in the birthplace of yoga.

I CANNOT WAIT TO HAVE MY ASS KICKED (in a loving, non violent way of course, ahimsa haha). To have my realities, my perspectives, my stories, my assumptions, all of it challenged. All of it brought to my attention, so I can grow as a teacher and as a woman.

Long story short, I have to follow my curiosity and grow. To stay close to my amazing support network would be safe, wonderful and amazing, but I’d be doing it out of fear. After tough times last year, I promised myself I would explore and live out of curiosity, not fear.

I’ve worked very hard to make this trip and these two amazing trainings possible.  If you wanted to donate, I’ve set up a direct donation site listed below.  I have grown to LOVE all the faces I’ve taught over the years. Even just those who support on Facebook from afar, I value as a part of my little community of support and love.  I have the best support network a person can dream of.  Lets continue to grow, support and love one another, no matter where the world and life takes us.

Much love <3





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